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    Ad Unit # 1
  • Location: Top center left
  • Size: 307.5 x 267.25 (square banner)
  • Price: P5,000 per month
    Ad Unit # 3
  • Location: Vertical left
  • Size: 171.867 x 406.717 (vertical banner)
  • Price: P3,000 per month
    Ad Unit # 5
  • Location: Horizontal left
  • Size: 829.333 x 156.917 (horizontal banner- column 1)
  • Price: P5,000 per month

    Ad Unit # 2
  • Location: Top center
  • Size: 614.5 x 397.75 (square banner)
  • Price: P10,000 per month
    Ad Unit # 4
  • Location: Vertical right
  • Size: 171.867 x 406.717 (vertical banner)
  • Price: P3,000 per month
    Ad Unit # 6
  • Location: Horizontal right
  • Size: 399.667 x 156.917 (horizontal banner- column 2)
  • Price: P5,000 per month

The Terms and Conditions governing these banners are as follows:

1. Advertised sites or banner should not contain content about or links to sites that promote gambling, pornography, violence, discrimination or anything in violation of existing laws and regulations.
2. All images ads rotating up to two (2) images per banner position at 6 seconds per refresh.
3. Acceptable image format is .jpg only.
4. Minimum duration of banner contract is at least one (1) month.
5. Discounts are offred only to long-term (at least six months) contracts.
6. BigBenta reserves the right to accept or decline advertisers.
7. Mobile advertising banners are exclusive and separate from this website banner scheme.

Contact us by sending an email to or use the Contact Us form below.

If you already have an idea of the ad package that you want, please identify the ad units that you are interested in, and the duration of your placement.

Thank you and we look forward to having you.


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