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BigBenta Philippines


BigBenta is an e-commerce business venture created to support individuals, micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) and reach end-user customers in the Philippines. Our aim is to provide an additional sales channel to sellers and merchants as well as to be a reliable outlet for buyers and consumers is making their sales purchase decision. To support our business goal while continuously improving customer and merchant experience, BigBenta will constantly gather information relevant to the business.

BigBenta respects every individual’s right to privacy. Information we gather from our members and visitors throughout our websites and related applications (collectively referred to as “BigBenta apps” or simply “BB apps”), will strictly follow our privacy statement. This Statement applies solely to information gathered at our BB apps.


We gather information through our BB apps at every possible area of the business. The information we gather are dependent on whether you are a visitor (“Visitor”) or a registered member (“Member”).

Information from Visitors

We gather the following information when you visit our BB apps, or any of our services. This information includes but not limited to:

  • Log information;
  • Device information; and
  • Other Information.
Log information includes but is not limited to a) time or duration of your use; and b) browser cookies, and other identifiers. A cookie is a text file that our server places on your computer's hard drive as a unique identifier which track usage patterns and deliver customizable user experience to users. Our cookies have an expiration date of up to 30 days. Device information includes but is not limited to a) Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) number for mobile devices; b) IP address; c) operating system version; etc.

Information from Members

In addition to the information mentioned above, we gather personal information which include the following:

  • Name;
  • Mobile Number;
  • E-mail address;
  • Birthday;
  • Gender; and
  • Location.
Mandatory information such as your Name, Mobile Number and E-mail address must be provided to complete the registration. Optional information such as Gender and Location will be highly appreciated so we can get to know you more and customize our services for you. Please be advised that information provided by Members and Visitors which are provided to us and/or posted by you will be processed and will become public knowledge in part but fully in line with our privacy policy.


BigBenta is intended for use of Adults, 18 years of age and above. We do not allow children to register, and we do not ask for and gather personal information from a child under eighteen (18) years of age (the “child”). Upon discovery that a child has provided us with personal information, we will delete the information within a reasonable time of between 2 to 5 days. We however, do not guarantee that the information provided by the child was not used by our system prior to the deletion.


Primarily, the information we gather from our Members and Visitor will be utilized to service you.

Services to Our Members and Visitors

For Members, these services include but are not limited to SMS, sending e-mails, and Push Notifications initiated manually or automatically by our system. Depending on your opt-in preference, we also send additional announcements about products, services, and special promotions.

Research & Development (R&D) and Continuous Improvement

The information gathered may also be used for research and development purposes that will lead to introducing new products and services with the intent of providing convenience and supporting customer lifestyle. Likewise, we always seek to continuously improve our existing products and services to bring better customer experience and loyalty.

Market Analysis

The information we gather may be used for statistics, market analysis and report generation to our members and partners.

Location based Services

The location you provide are used to develop and deliver location based services in our system.

Services to Third Parties

Subject to applicable law, BigBenta may share, transfer, and disclose all the information we gather, to the following:

  • Companies that form part of our group of companies (the "Group Companies"), to enable the Group Companies to offer their respective services/products;
  • Government Authorities, when legally required to do so;
  • Service Providers that help us provide our services, to the extent needed to perform their duties and their functions; and
  • Purchasers of our rights and obligations relating to the services we provide. In this case, all information gathered are deemed assets that may be transferred to such third parties.

In addition, the information we gather may also be shared, transferred and disclosed, when disclosure is necessary:

  • To protect the rights and interests of BigBenta Corporation (Philippines), the Group Companies, business partners, customers or third parties, as may be required and permitted by law; and
  • To pursue legitimate interests, as may be required or permitted by law.

Marketing & Advertising

Information including graphics and photos posted on our BB apps may be used to advertise the site in different media, including but not limited to - Above-the-line marketing, Below-the-line marketing, Search Engine marketing, Social Media advertising. In addition, this information may be used for the conduct of promotions and advertisements through e-mails, SMS and Push Notifications.


By using BigBenta service, you consent to the gathering, transfer, processing and storage of information outside of the Philippines, as may be consistent with our Privacy Policy.


Though no BB apps or internet transmission is completely secure, we practice extreme precautions to protect your information by using secure servers and storage system. Sufficient physical and technical architecture and procedures are employed to safeguard and secure the information from unauthorized or unlawful access and processing.


Our BB apps offer listings, chats, forums and/or message boards, as well as links to third-party websites. When you click on these links, you effectively leave our BB apps. We are not responsible for the protection and privacy of any information you provide to these other websites. You are responsible for reading their (other websites) privacy policies especially since it may differ from ours.

We also use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our BB apps. These companies may use summary information (but NOT detailed information such as your name, address, email address, or telephone number) about your visits to our BB apps and to other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services that may be of interest to you.

We however, do not control such gathering of information and we are not responsible for the same. If you would like more information please place your comments and queries and we will respond to them accordingly.


If BigBenta privacy policy changes, you will be advised through notifications and announcements in our BB apps. We encourage members and visitors to visit our website from time to time to review any changes in our privacy policy.


For complaints and disputes, you may notify us at BigBenta Philippines by submitting a complaint or dispute ticket. We are committed to addressing complaint and disputes at the shortest time possible. 


BigBenta Philippines
May, 2015

BigBenta Philippines assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any consequence relating directly or indirectly to any action you take, or fail to make, based on the content, information, services or other materials found in this system.

BigBenta Philippines does not guarantee, and will not be responsible for any damage and/or loss related to the accuracy, completeness and/or timeliness of the contents found in the system.

BigBenta Philippines may and can include links to external systems in which BigBenta Philippines has no responsibility of any kind on these systems. The use and/or access of these external systems are completely and solely at your own risk.



BigBenta PHILIPPINES emphasizes that it is mainly providing a venue for sellers to offer their goods and/or services on-line and shall have no direct participation in the eventual transaction/s between a particular buyer and seller. Hence, it is reiterated that BigBenta PHILIPPINES shall not be held responsible and accountable for any breach of contract and/or damages arising from such transactions. Nonetheless, if for any reason it is wrongfully impleaded in any suit, the MEMBER and/or USER agree that the venue for the action shall exclusively be the court/s of Paranaque City to the EXCLUSION of other courts.


The member and/or the user agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless BigBenta Philippines from any liability, loss, claim and expense (including attorneys' fees) related to (i) your violation of this agreement, (ii) your submission of any infringing or illegal content to this system, and (iii) your use of this system.

List of BigBenta Rules Violations

BigBenta Philippines
May, 2015

    • Posting 2 or more of the same active advertisement under one Main Category. If the advertise item or service can be posted to more than one sub-category under a Main Category, one should choose the best category and post it there.
    • Copying in full or in part other member's advertisement item details or description and using them for their own posted ads.
    • Posting messages on another seller's advertisements with the goal of advertising their own items, businesses or services.
    • Seller feedback, regardless whether positive or negative can only be given by the buyer or visitor if a transaction is on-going or completed with the designated seller. For clarifications, please refer to our Feedback Posting Policy.
    • Developing a member account using another member’s profile information for the purpose of committing fraud and deceit to other members of the BB Apps.
    • Loading variety of keywords that are not representing the advertised items or service for the purpose of being ahead of search results initiated by visitors or potential buyers.
    • This violation includes, but are not limited to, incorrect pricing, incorrect details and descriptions, location, condition of the items, photos and images unrelated to the advertisement.
    • Members creating multiple accounts with the intention of posting the same set of ads multiple times over a given period.
    • Ad message posts and feedback which can be considered offensive, such as threats, profanity and obscene words and languages.
    • Sending unsolicited private messages to members with the intention of advertising their products and services.
    • Advertisements posted to defraud/scam visitors and registered members. Posting pirated and other illegal items are also included.
    • Using images from other advertisements or sources on their own posted ads.
    • After a successful transaction, posted items should be declared sold (by clicking Item Sold button) or by simply deleting the advertisement.
    • Posting external website links that are not authorized by BigBenta as part of the seller’s advertisement.
    • Advertisements that were posted using wrong categories or purposely in a different categories than to gain mileage views.
    • Ads related to Online Gaming are strictly not allowed.
    • Ads related to Virtual currencies (ie., PayPal, Bitcoins, eCurrencies, etc) are likewise not allowed.
    • Ads related to loan application assistance offered by individuals who are not authorized by licensed companies to provide loans are not allowed.
    • Prescription medicines being offered by individual are not allowed.
    • Travel and visa assistance services being offered by individual are not allowed.

Classified Ads Posting Policy

BigBenta Philippines
May, 2015

  • To post advertisements, one must be a member and accept the Terms and Conditions of BigBenta.
  • All advertisements must be posted in the correct category and price. Members must indicate the location of the item or service being offered. BigBenta administrators can delete, amend and/or rearrange any advertisement that, in the opinion of BigBenta, is not posted in the correct category.
  • Members are not allowed to post two (2) similar active advertisements. “Similar active advertisements” is defined as two or more active advertisements selling the same product or service, even if these advertisements have different images and details. If your advertisement falls under more than one category, you must select the best category to post your advertisement.
  • Member cannot be allowed to repost an advertisement if it’s still active and valid on the BB Apps for at least four (4) days. Once the advertisement nears expiry (less than 4 days valid) or has already expired or deleted, reposting of that specific advertisement is allowed. Deleted or expired advertisements may be reposted.
  • Posting of advertisements for free is only a privilege. BigBenta may, at any time without need of prior notice, remove or disallow posts of free advertisement, at its sole discretion.
  • BigBenta reserves the right to impose the applicable fees prior to allowing any advertisement to be displayed in any of its BB apps.
  • Posting multiple items (related or unrelated) in one (1) advertisement is strictly prohibited. Examples;
    • For the Cars category:
      • Brand new cars: 1 vehicle (make & model) per advertisement
      • Used or 2nd hand cars: 1 vehicle per advertisement
    • For the Real Estate category:
      • For Sale Properties – 1 property type per advertisement
      • For Rent Properties – 1 property type per advertisement
    • Advertisements that are no longer valid (e.g. sold items, etc.) must be deleted.
    • Any advertisement posted as a response message to an advertisement (also known as "hijacking advertisement") of other members is strictly prohibited.
    • BigBenta prohibits the advertisement and promotion of counterfeit goods that include, but is not limited to, replicas and/or unauthorized copies. Such posts will immediately be deleted without prior notice. BigBenta shall hold the member accountable for his/her own ads and posts that infringes, any patent, copyright, trade or service mark/name or any other intellectual property right governed under applicable laws.
    • Intellectual property owners are encouraged to report posts, ads, and/or listings, as the case may be, that are suspected to be in violation of copyright, patents, trade or service marks and/or any other intellectual property rights to BigBenta through our complaint reporting facility.
    • Any misleading information in advertisements is strictly prohibited. Misleading information includes, but are not limited to:
      • Incorrect pricing
      • Incorrect location
      • Incorrect item description, specifications and condition
      • Incorrect images and photos
    • Advertised items must comply with applicable government mandated product registrations and licensing requirements as required under applicable laws, rules and regulations prior to posting. An example of such are as follows:
      • Rice, corn, grains, etc advertisements must with the registration requirements pursuant to the Rules and Regulation of PD 4;
      • Processed/Packed Food advertisement must comply with product registration from the Center for Food Regulation and Research, FAD;
      • Fertilizer advertisements must with license requirements under FPA Memo Circular No. 96-06 Series of 1996 and PD 114.

    System Usage Policies

    BigBenta Philippines
    May, 2015

    • It is understood that as a member of BigBenta, you are accountable for the security of your membership account which includes username and password. You are not to share your username or password with anyone or to adopt a username which is deemed as obscene, racist, hateful and/or inflammatory.
    • As a rule, each user is allowed only one (1) active membership account.
    • As membership in BigBenta is voluntary, any membership therefore, access and/or usage of any services provided by BigBenta will be taken as an admission that you have read, understood and agreed to all the rules and policies set by BigBenta, including but not limited to the Privacy Policy, Classified Ads Posting Rules and BigBenta Terms and Conditions.
    • As a member of BigBenta, you shall not use the system to violate any law (local and/or international). This includes any reference or promotion of illegal activities is strictly prohibited in the system.
    • You as a member is responsible for any content that you contribute to the system. The opinions, suggestions, expressions and/or statements expressed by members through their posts submitted to our system are their own and do not represent in any way the views of BigBenta who bears no responsibility whatsoever for any of the foregoing content.
    • As a member, it is understood that you should not give any personal information of other persons without their permission.
    • Sending unsolicited e-mails; posting SPAM; or sending SMS to any part of BigBenta is strictly prohibited.
    • BigBenta has all the right to block any member from using the system that, in the view of BigBenta, violates or tends to violate any law, rule and regulation as well as existing BigBenta system rules and policies. BigBenta may also cancel and/or amend advertisements, listings and/or posts which, in the view of BigBenta, violates or tends to violate these laws, rules and regulations, and existing BigBenta system rules and policies.

    Feedback Posting Rules

    BigBenta Philippines
    May, 2015

    • As a general rule in BigBenta, feedbacks are allowed to be given to any member only after an exchange of goods and/or services have been made. However, transactions which started might not be completed due to several valid reasons. Therefore, any feedback given to any member prior to any transaction is considered as a violation and may be taken out, removed and/or erased by BigBenta Philippines.
    • Any feedback given to members for an incomplete transaction can be reviewed and acted upon by BigBenta provided communication and negotiation of transaction were done using BigBenta messaging.
    • Only one (1) feedback is allowed per transaction. A transaction involving a number of items is still considered as only one (1) or a single transaction.
    • Members receiving a feedback can file a dispute using the Feedback Dispute Resolution process.
    • BigBenta Philippines reserves the right to delete any feedback that, in its own view, violates or tends to violate any of the foregoing rules.

    Inactive Members (Deactivated)

    BigBenta Philippines
    May, 2015

    Any member who has not been active by signing in to his/her account for the past twelve (12) months will be deemed inactive. Inactive account will be given notice via email to sign-in to their account within three (3) months, failure to do so will have their account automatically deactivated. Once your account has been deactivated, you will be informed by the system when you try to sign in again. To reactivate your account, you just simply sign in again at BigBenta using your registered username/email and password.

    The system will deactivate member accounts wherein the corresponding e-mail addresses assigned to the accounts reject or bounce BigBenta e-mails due to the following:

    • e-mail account deactivated;
    • e-mail account suspended;
    • e-mail domain inaccessible; and
    • e-mail requiring verification

    Once you have fixed the problem(s) with your e-mail, you can sign in again to re-activate your account.

    Inactive and deactivated account will placed your active advertisements under suspend mode. Only upon activating again your account will the advertisements be return to active state.

    Tips for Selling 2nd Hand Items Online

    BigBenta Philippines
    May, 2015

    • Real, good quality photos
    • Photos and images taken from the web do not represent the item you are selling and buyers know that as well as Providing real, good quality pictures brings credibility to the advertisement and the seller. The buyer will be able to gauge his/her interest in your product readily and would, therefore, not waste both your time and effort.

    • More information on the condition of your item
    • With so many choices out there for the Buyers to pursue, your item will be distinct if the Buyer feels assured of the item you are selling through the detailed information you provide. Information sets the expectation of the Buyer about your item and will be comfortable negotiating with you prior to seeing the item personally. This again saves time and effort to both parties, which is the purpose of posting your item in BigBenta.

    • What is the reason for selling?
    • Trust is the main reason why most people are reluctant to transact over the internet. By informing potential buyers the reason behind why your item is up for sale, it creates a level of trust to Buyers and puts more credibility to you as a Seller. Trust helps establish the foundation to start the negotiation.

    • Price reasonably
    • Buyers expect a reasonable price for your item as the internet saves you the usual overhead fixed cost (e.g. store lease, advertising, etc.) and the Buyers can review your item at his/her own convenience. Pricing the item too low will raise suspicions to Buyers that hidden issues might be present in your item. Pricing too high will just place your item at the very last of every Buyer’s list. Pricing your item reasonably will be placing your item at the short list of every Buyer.

    • Meeting the buyer
    • Despite all the convenience Internet may bring in the buying and selling of any items, a vast majority of the Buyers still has the “brick and mortar” mind set which simply means they need to see, touch and feel the item before they buy them. This becomes more evident on 2nd hand items. It is in here that location, and ease of setting the meeting comes very crucial towards closing the sale.

    System modifications and changes

    BigBenta Philippines
    May, 2015

    BigBenta Philippines will continuously introduce improvements and/or changes in the contents on this system, or even perhaps terminate this system, at any time with due notice (no less than 30 days) to members. BigBenta Philippines can also modify these rules and policies at any time, and such modifications shall be effective upon notice (no less than 30 days) and posting of the modified rules and policies. Accordingly, you as a member agree to review the policies periodically, and your continued access and/or use of this system shall be deemed your acceptance of the modified policies.

    BigBenta Philippines reserves any and all rights not expressly stated herein.

Online Shopping in the Philippines is still in its infancy stages. Its lack of popularity is attributed to a lot of factors that most agree on: lack of trust with the seller, mishandling of purchased goods, receiving a different/inferior quality product, and delayed/pricy deliveries. However, we at Bigbenta aim to address that issue by encouraging a shift in the buying habits of the Filipinos. Led and influenced by talented thinkers, programmers, and creative directors all with valuable insights gained by years of experience, BigBenta has experienced significant growth in a short span of time. Realizing that most Filipinos still buy what they need from the various malls and markets around, these thinkers made deals with stores, designed an intuitive/user-friendly interface, ... addressed various feedbacks proposed by the buyers or sellers, analyzed current market needs and trends, and even conceptualized attractive marketing campaigns on popular social media sites, just to prove to Filipinos that shopping online is a safer, more convenient, and cheaper experience than physically buying something. We Filipinos are known for being one of the heaviest users of electronics and the Internet; let’s harness that opportunity for the safety and convenience of all!

An online marketplace is just like any other store: it needs to look attractive. This is one of the ways to draw customers, and in our case, it’s very important to attract visitors. As we want a change in Filipino buying habits, we believe that by filling up your site with items that people want, and showcasing them in a tasteful way, then it would look more appealing for people to buy. Also, in contrast to other Online Shops in the Philippines, we also have dealers for rice, LPG, or even fruits and veggies, to sell their items on the site. These items are absolute essentials for Filipino households, and so, we wanted to give them the convenience in buying these essentials with no problems. These are some of the differences that make our products eye-catching!

Aiming to cater to a wide variety of consumers, BigBenta has also simplified the payment process, and also has made it more flexible by offering multiple payment methods! Aside from the usual credit card/ check payment system, perhaps the most popularly used payment feature that Bigbenta is using right now is “Cash-on- delivery”, simply known as COD. Because of the hesitance and suspicion that most Filipinos view online shopping with, they are naturally hesitant to pay beforehand. Staying consistent to our goal to spark a change in Filipino buying habits, we opted to offer the option to play upon proper inspection and receiving of the item! Simply put, our customers appreciate this option because it gives them an option to pay only when they feel satisfied with the product condition...

Unlike malls and other establishments, the Internet doesn’t have a closing time, nor would it be likely to close anytime soon. Unless a catastrophic extinction event should happen, the Internet wouldn’t be likely to leave anytime soon. This has led various companies to put up websites that allow people to see what they’re offering, or to deliver various news and announcements, at any time of the day! Needless to say, the Internet has definitely paved a way for various services to exist, and one of them is Online Shopping! doesn’t have a closing time, doesn’t need you to dress up and leave the confines of your home, and has a 24/7 dedicated customer support team to address your issues. Through our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, we can give you announcements/news/offers, at any time of the day! Stay connected shoppers!

Insecurity is one of the external factors that can cause us to experience fear, and fear both hampers the ability of the logical mind to think rationally, and also induces other negative emotions, like anger, jealousy, depression to come in. We at Bigbenta feel that this fear is the reason why most people opt to visit shopping places physically, and so, our solution to counter this problem is simple. With our enhanced security features, our customers will never have to worry about a bad buy, or them being delivered a product of inferior quality! All of our content, whether they be sellers or service providers, have to go through an identification process that weeds out all the suspicious people/businesses. To this end, we always request for the basic permits for potential Stores, and Criminal Records for Service Providers, to achieve this goal. However, it doesn’t just end on the side of the seller, as we also take our consumers’ feelings very seriously! We have the right to terminate the contract of any Service Provider who acts in a manner unbecoming of a Service Provider, and we also terminate contracts with sellers who are caught committing criminal acts or delivering inferior products. You can always click the Contact Us option on the bottom of the page, or call us on our hotline, to report of any of these acts. In doing so, you are helping us change the perspective of Filipinos to the online store...

No matter who you are, the chances of you buying a product would increase if it is being offered at a bargain price. This is why retailers started the concept of sales or “Buy 1 Take 1” offers, as they often make more money at a shorter timespan than if they weren’t to offer a sale. Of course though, online stores also offer sales to ramp up activity and visitor traffic, and we are not an exception! Luckily for our buyers, our partner stores host sales almost round the clock, in contrast to retail establishments. Though we let the partner stores run their store as they please, they’re open to selling their items on sale online, and we certainly are open to that too! So grab your pick of regular sales and discounts right here!

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As the first platform that Bigbenta came out with, the Classified Ads has undergone a lot of revisions and upgrades from its first version. Originally coming out in 2015, our Classified Ads has become popular with sellers due to our unique features, and is still going strong until today! Containing close to 14,000 items already, the classified ads are full of various items that are sure to pique your interest! In fact, if you were to observe the first page, you’d already notice that there are a wide variety of items for sale, from actual services like Feng Shui Masters and English Language Schools, all the way to real estate, from the Townhouses and Condominiums. Naturally, a true hallmark of a strong business is its methodology in attracting customers and dealing business, and we in Bigbenta want to help Filipino entrepreneurs maintain a competitive edge over bigger rivals, by giving them a stronger online presence.

Type of Classified Ads: Real Estate Properties, Tutorials, Home Servicing, Office Partitioning, Cameras, Hardware Equipment, Phones, Party Planner, Franchisee, Home Massage Service, Cleaning Services

A common struggle in daily life is to find someone skilled to help in whatever problems you have. Though there are lots of cleaners, mechanics, gardeners around, not all of them are skilled, and those that do only are hard to find, since they don’t actively advertise themselves anyway. Since nobody wants a botched job that’s obviously a waste of time and money, Bigbenta aims to solve that with the all new Bigbenta Services! We aim to help skilled workers and customers by providing an avenue customers can select from a wide variety of service providers to hire someone that they believe would be able to help them with their problems. Our Service Providers are all accredited people, complete with NBI clearances to ensure customers that these workers can be trusted to deliver a fine job! A unique among our service providers, is that they are all individual and self-employed... which for us is more ideal as we strongly believe that they are underrepresented compared to their agency counterparts, not to mention that the money that they earn through our service is almost completely theirs! As a continuously growing platform, we are continuously expanding our Service Provider lineup to offer more options to you! Check out Bigbenta Services now, and book the difference.

Types of Services that we Offer: Home Repair and Maintenance, Health and Beauty, Lessons and Tutorials, Events (Cooks, Dancers, Drivers, MCs), Business Support (Bookkeeping, Accounting), Pet Services, Cleaning Services, and Publishing/Printing Services

The newest platform to hit the marketplace, Bigbenta is definitely the most ambitious project that the company is currently pursuing. Just a quick check in the Bigbenta Prime website would prove that Bigbenta is serious in helping Filipinos find their dream properties. Prior to the introduction of Prime, finding good properties were hard. A prospective buyer would often have to arrange for several meet ups with the seller just to inspect the property, especially since the property would have little to no photos. Needless to say, if you’re living in another country or in a completely different region from the prospective house, then just visiting there would be an expensive process. But Bigbenta Prime aims to help these buyers! Displaying a unique 360 panoramic view of the property, alongside actual specifications, clear pictures of each room, and even hazard maps to check if the property is lying in flood or earthquake prone areas, one can easily determine if they want to buy the property, without setting a foot on the property itself! With Bigbenta Prime, we aim to help Filipinos in buying PRIME property hassle- free. Go visit the Prime website to see some of the current properties for sale!

Properties in Bigbenta Prime: Ridgewood Towers, Monte Carlo Residences, The Enclave Townhouse, Town and Country- Clarissa, Town and Country- Arianna, Town and Country- Erica, House and Lot in Maria Luisa Estate Park, 3 Story House and Lot in Cittadella Subdivision, Crosswind Resorts Suite, and House and Lot located in BF Thai Village

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