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Gifts and Accessories (Crafts)

   This category of Bigbenta caters to the simple joy of giving gifts! Browse through the various crafts such as pouches, pillows, wallets, handbags, and more, which you could give to your friends or loved ones! However, if you plan on giving out souvenirs to your audience after hosting an event such as seminars and meetings, you can also find good deals for keychains, mugs, ref magnets, shirts, and caps in this section! However, the best gift that you can give to someone is something that really explains your sentiments to that person. And so, why not request for a printing service or an embroiderer to place messages on your souvenirs/gifts to let people know what you think? You can find all of them here at the Gifts and Accessories Category.

   A common practice being done for a long time already, giving gifts is an act that people commonly associate with feelings of genuine appreciation and goodwill, since the giver voluntarily gives without expecting something in return. Virtually any material item can be given as a gift! From inexpensive gifts such as clothes or household items, all the way to more expensive gifts such as cars or houses, giving a gift to someone is your way of showing your thanks or appreciation to that person.

   However, finding the perfect gift for someone can be a hard task, especially if you want to give them something that wouldn’t be neglected after a couple of months. A common tip for knowing what to get someone, is to listen attentively to their conversations. By knowing what that person likes to do for fun, or what that person really needs to get but can’t buy it due to personal reasons, can really help save time when buying something.

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   An art form in itself, Embroidery is a handicraft that originated from various cultures thousands of years ago! Done by people then to express themselves (or as a symbol of affiliation with a certain group), this is a handicraft that hasn’t changed much throughout the years, though machine-made embroideries are becoming more and more common today. As embroidery challenges both the physical and creative side of its practitioners, embroidered items are the physical manifestation of the various imaginations of its crafters, just like how paintings are the creative outlet of the artists. Thus, embroidery is a handicraft that is still well sought after today, and is still being bought by people for themselves or as a gift for others.

   Another cool way to personalize your gift! Since gift wrappers are available in a wide variety of patterns, they are suitable for a wide variety of occasions, like Birthdays, Weddings, Christmas, and more! Here are some tips for choosing the right gift wrapper for the right occasion!

  • 1. Color- Some colors that gift wrappers are being sold in, are already associated with a certain occasion. For example, red gift wrappers are often used for Christmas gifts, will gold gift wrappers are often used for weddings.
  • 2. Design- Some gift wrappers also come in designs that also show what occasion is most suitable for their use. A gift wrapper with pine trees and Christmas lights on wouldn’t work out for birthdays, right?
  • 3. Size- Get one that’s appropriately sized with the gift that you’re going to wrap it with. Although it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get some in multiple sizes so you have a stock of those at home should you need it!

   Once you’re done getting your wrappers though, one more important thing that you should get is a ribbon! A general guideline for those, is to get one that has the same color (or a similar shade) with the wrapper that you’re using. Just like wrappers, you can also buy ribbons of different colors, so you can also stock them up at home!

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