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Home and Garden

   Nothing is more important than owning or at having your own place to stay. For many people, having their own living place is a rite, a passage into adulthood, and it’s easy to see why. Overall maintenance, repairs for eventual wear and tear, bills, and taxes, are just some of the challenges that homeowners have to face, and so, just like owning your own business or having a car, a home is something that owners should learn how to responsibly manage. But of course, despite these inconveniences, owning a home is something to be proud of! And what better way is there to make a statement, than with Home and Garden Items! We have a wide variety of different furniture/ornaments to make your house look unique! So without further ado, let the browsing commence!

   Probably the second best benefit of owning your own lot. Having a well-cared for garden is not only key to having a healthier and more relaxed atmosphere at your house (all the fresh air helps), but it also is a topic worth talking about when you invite your friends or family to your house. Although having a garden will cause your water bill to increase, as well as force you to probably ask someone to do some gardening there every once in a while, it’s an investment that you’ll appreciate for a long time! And so, here are some things that you can put in your garden to make it stand out!

   The Plants Itself - Needless to say, a garden isn’t a garden without plants. As there are thousands of plant types that exist in the Philippines, picking one can be rather tricky. A good thing to do deciding, is to first think about the type of garden that you’re putting up. Colorful flowering plants such as Asters, Bougainvillea, Hibiscus, Sampaguita, and Yellow Bell are good for colorful, vibrant gardens, while shrubs, trees, and even mint plants are recommended if you want your garden to have a scenic/relaxing atmosphere. Plants whether real or synthetic beautifies and uplifts the mood in any home.

   Good Lighting - Although one cannot work on his/her own garden during the night time, it still doesn’t mean that one can’t enjoy it either! Having lighting in the garden not only allows one to enjoy the wonders of the nighttime garden, but it also creates a good place for you to host small parties, hangouts, and even social drinks with friends. With the advent of LED technology, lighting in gardens will continuously become less and less power consuming and eye straining! Plus, they aren’t as hard to find as they used to, as even well-known brands such as GE (General Electric) and Philips are making their own version of garden/outdoor lights!

  • Chandeliers
  • Lampshades
  • LED lights
  • Light bulbs
  • Garden lights

   Decorations - Looking at flowers and greenery is all good, but having a few decorations isn’t a bad idea either! A general tip for using decorations to enhance your garden, is moderation: Don’t place too much to the point that your garden will look cluttered, but place it in good quantities so that your garden would be eye candy. Older, more traditional garden decors would be the garden gnome and plastic mushrooms, however, most modern gardens favor simplistic, earthy designs like pots, wooden furniture, and vases.

  • Handicrafts
  • Carvings
  • Figurines
  • Vases
  • Mirrors
  • Accents
  • Carpets
  • Curtains and Blinds

   Although a house can stand alone on its own, with its empty rooms and all, it can’t become a home unless it would be full of things that its inhabitants would need to survive. Indeed, all houses, even those from way before, have at least these rudimentary features: A place to sleep (bedroom), a place for communal gathering (living room), a place for personal business (bathroom), and a place for cooking (kitchen). Though huts of early man didn’t have these features subdivided into rooms like today, they had all these furniture that are essential to their survival. Even if the concerns of prehistoric man are different with the concerns of modern day man, here are some of the essentials that make a house, a home:

   The Philippines produces many beautiful furniture pieces made of narra, rattan, acacia, and others. Furniture made of narra wood are considered the most expensive because narra due to its scarcity is very valuable in the country.

  • Cabinets
  • Dining Table
  • Chairs
  • Sofa or couch
  • Sofa bed
  • Garden Set
  • Accent chair
  • Study table
  • Center table
  • Living room set

   Bed - Man initially was content with sleeping on the floor or on rugs, but eventually, people realized that they were uncomfortable and provided no padding/protection for the back. Thus, with the advent of more advanced civilizations such as the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, man decided to make mattresses, that is, linings stuffed with hay/wool, and prop it on a frame made out of the wood. That was the beginning of the bed that we know of now, and it has come a long way since then. Despite all these technological advancements though, a bed still serves it purpose as a place to sleep, but of course, there are many types of beds that serve different needs.

   Just like anything else though, you can always spruce up your bed. Here are some additional stuff that you can put.

   Pillows - Although some beds already come with these, most beds bought at a bargain or at a budget price often don’t. When buying a pillow for the bed, a good idea is to check on what kind of pillow you need. Pillows are classified based on their fillings, so determining the softness that you need would help a lot.

   Famous Pillow Fillings : Polyester, Down, Feather, Memory Foam, Buckwheat, MIcrobead

   Bed Sizes : Single, King Single, Double, Queen, and King.

   Features : Quality of sleep may actually depend on the frame and mattress itself, and so, pricier options pride themselves with giving customers a more satisfying sleep. However, therapeutic beds like water beds, are also used by people with medical conditions like arthritis and back pain, as they have been proven to better displace body weight than normal mattresses do.

   Bed Types : Folding Bed, Platform Bed, Panel Bed, Sleigh Bed, Murphy bed, Water Bed, Futon Bed, Four Poster Bed, Canopy Bed,

   Frame Material : Metal, Wood, Rattan

   Notable Bed Manufacturers : Serta, Sealy, Simmons, Select Comfort, Therapedic, Tempurpedic

   Additional Accessories for the Home - Pillows, Bedsheets, Curtains

   Kitchen - You’d probably be hungry after fixing the bedroom up! Well, get ready to be filled up, as the next place to be fixed up would be the kitchen! Although there are lots of equipment that are required in the kitchen, stoves, refrigerators, microwaves, toasters, blenders, and food processors are the most important, so we’ll start there!

   Used as aids for cooking/baking, there are tons of kitchen utensils being sold. However, the term itself, which is synonymous with kitchen tools, is actually a vague term, and is divided into further subcategories. Here are some of them:

   Baking Utensils - Contains tons of equipment that are used to aid both professional and novice alike. They each have a specific purpose, and are made of a wide variety of materials!

  • Mixing Bowl: Varying in sizes and materials, Mixing Bowls are used to mix baking ingredients well. These bowls are unlike normal bowls, since they are easier to wash, and break-proof. Can be made out of stainless steel, plastic, or even glass.
  • Oven Thermometer: Some pastries, like bread dough, need a specific heat to appear golden brown and soft. A common struggle among novice bakers, is that their dough isn’t as consistent and as chunky as it should be. Oven Thermometers help in that! AS they can take the temperature of any ingredient that you plan on using, they’re helpful for a ton of scenarios, such as checking if the water you’re going to pour in is at the right temperature.
  • Measuring Spoons/Cups: If you’re the kind to randomly search for recipes on the Net, you would notice that they often use teaspoon, or tablespoon, or cup. In fact, some of them are even more specific and use metric (or imperial) measurements! In those specific situations, putting too much or too little can have a detrimental effect to your pastries, so save yourself from feeling bad by buying measuring spoons and cups. They don’t need to be in a particular material to be effective, and best of all, most of those sold around come in sets. Value for money!
  • Baking Pans and Trays

   Packaging Materials like boxes, trays, ribbons, gift cards are also essential requirements for any baker to have. Also important are Baking Supplies like flour, butter, nuts, gelatin, starch, chocolate powder, choco chips, flavorings which a baker or a would-be baker cannot afford not to have.

Online Shopping in the Philippines is still in its infancy stages. Its lack of popularity is attributed to a lot of factors that most agree on: lack of trust with the seller, mishandling of purchased goods, receiving a different/inferior quality product, and delayed/pricy deliveries. However, we at Bigbenta aim to address that issue by encouraging a shift in the buying habits of the Filipinos. Led and influenced by talented thinkers, programmers, and creative directors all with valuable insights gained by years of experience, BigBenta has experienced significant growth in a short span of time. Realizing that most Filipinos still buy what they need from the various malls and markets around, these thinkers made deals with stores, designed an intuitive/user-friendly interface, ... addressed various feedbacks proposed by the buyers or sellers, analyzed current market needs and trends, and even conceptualized attractive marketing campaigns on popular social media sites, just to prove to Filipinos that shopping online is a safer, more convenient, and cheaper experience than physically buying something. We Filipinos are known for being one of the heaviest users of electronics and the Internet; let’s harness that opportunity for the safety and convenience of all!

An online marketplace is just like any other store: it needs to look attractive. This is one of the ways to draw customers, and in our case, it’s very important to attract visitors. As we want a change in Filipino buying habits, we believe that by filling up your site with items that people want, and showcasing them in a tasteful way, then it would look more appealing for people to buy. Also, in contrast to other Online Shops in the Philippines, we also have dealers for rice, LPG, or even fruits and veggies, to sell their items on the site. These items are absolute essentials for Filipino households, and so, we wanted to give them the convenience in buying these essentials with no problems. These are some of the differences that make our products eye-catching!

Aiming to cater to a wide variety of consumers, BigBenta has also simplified the payment process, and also has made it more flexible by offering multiple payment methods! Aside from the usual credit card/ check payment system, perhaps the most popularly used payment feature that Bigbenta is using right now is “Cash-on- delivery”, simply known as COD. Because of the hesitance and suspicion that most Filipinos view online shopping with, they are naturally hesitant to pay beforehand. Staying consistent to our goal to spark a change in Filipino buying habits, we opted to offer the option to play upon proper inspection and receiving of the item! Simply put, our customers appreciate this option because it gives them an option to pay only when they feel satisfied with the product condition...

Unlike malls and other establishments, the Internet doesn’t have a closing time, nor would it be likely to close anytime soon. Unless a catastrophic extinction event should happen, the Internet wouldn’t be likely to leave anytime soon. This has led various companies to put up websites that allow people to see what they’re offering, or to deliver various news and announcements, at any time of the day! Needless to say, the Internet has definitely paved a way for various services to exist, and one of them is Online Shopping! doesn’t have a closing time, doesn’t need you to dress up and leave the confines of your home, and has a 24/7 dedicated customer support team to address your issues. Through our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, we can give you announcements/news/offers, at any time of the day! Stay connected shoppers!

Insecurity is one of the external factors that can cause us to experience fear, and fear both hampers the ability of the logical mind to think rationally, and also induces other negative emotions, like anger, jealousy, depression to come in. We at Bigbenta feel that this fear is the reason why most people opt to visit shopping places physically, and so, our solution to counter this problem is simple. With our enhanced security features, our customers will never have to worry about a bad buy, or them being delivered a product of inferior quality! All of our content, whether they be sellers or service providers, have to go through an identification process that weeds out all the suspicious people/businesses. To this end, we always request for the basic permits for potential Stores, and Criminal Records for Service Providers, to achieve this goal. However, it doesn’t just end on the side of the seller, as we also take our consumers’ feelings very seriously! We have the right to terminate the contract of any Service Provider who acts in a manner unbecoming of a Service Provider, and we also terminate contracts with sellers who are caught committing criminal acts or delivering inferior products. You can always click the Contact Us option on the bottom of the page, or call us on our hotline, to report of any of these acts. In doing so, you are helping us change the perspective of Filipinos to the online store...

No matter who you are, the chances of you buying a product would increase if it is being offered at a bargain price. This is why retailers started the concept of sales or “Buy 1 Take 1” offers, as they often make more money at a shorter timespan than if they weren’t to offer a sale. Of course though, online stores also offer sales to ramp up activity and visitor traffic, and we are not an exception! Luckily for our buyers, our partner stores host sales almost round the clock, in contrast to retail establishments. Though we let the partner stores run their store as they please, they’re open to selling their items on sale online, and we certainly are open to that too! So grab your pick of regular sales and discounts right here!

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As the first platform that Bigbenta came out with, the Classified Ads has undergone a lot of revisions and upgrades from its first version. Originally coming out in 2015, our Classified Ads has become popular with sellers due to our unique features, and is still going strong until today! Containing close to 14,000 items already, the classified ads are full of various items that are sure to pique your interest! In fact, if you were to observe the first page, you’d already notice that there are a wide variety of items for sale, from actual services like Feng Shui Masters and English Language Schools, all the way to real estate, from the Townhouses and Condominiums. Naturally, a true hallmark of a strong business is its methodology in attracting customers and dealing business, and we in Bigbenta want to help Filipino entrepreneurs maintain a competitive edge over bigger rivals, by giving them a stronger online presence.

Type of Classified Ads: Real Estate Properties, Tutorials, Home Servicing, Office Partitioning, Cameras, Hardware Equipment, Phones, Party Planner, Franchisee, Home Massage Service, Cleaning Services

A common struggle in daily life is to find someone skilled to help in whatever problems you have. Though there are lots of cleaners, mechanics, gardeners around, not all of them are skilled, and those that do only are hard to find, since they don’t actively advertise themselves anyway. Since nobody wants a botched job that’s obviously a waste of time and money, Bigbenta aims to solve that with the all new Bigbenta Services! We aim to help skilled workers and customers by providing an avenue customers can select from a wide variety of service providers to hire someone that they believe would be able to help them with their problems. Our Service Providers are all accredited people, complete with NBI clearances to ensure customers that these workers can be trusted to deliver a fine job! A unique among our service providers, is that they are all individual and self-employed... which for us is more ideal as we strongly believe that they are underrepresented compared to their agency counterparts, not to mention that the money that they earn through our service is almost completely theirs! As a continuously growing platform, we are continuously expanding our Service Provider lineup to offer more options to you! Check out Bigbenta Services now, and book the difference.

Types of Services that we Offer: Home Repair and Maintenance, Health and Beauty, Lessons and Tutorials, Events (Cooks, Dancers, Drivers, MCs), Business Support (Bookkeeping, Accounting), Pet Services, Cleaning Services, and Publishing/Printing Services

The newest platform to hit the marketplace, Bigbenta is definitely the most ambitious project that the company is currently pursuing. Just a quick check in the Bigbenta Prime website would prove that Bigbenta is serious in helping Filipinos find their dream properties. Prior to the introduction of Prime, finding good properties were hard. A prospective buyer would often have to arrange for several meet ups with the seller just to inspect the property, especially since the property would have little to no photos. Needless to say, if you’re living in another country or in a completely different region from the prospective house, then just visiting there would be an expensive process. But Bigbenta Prime aims to help these buyers! Displaying a unique 360 panoramic view of the property, alongside actual specifications, clear pictures of each room, and even hazard maps to check if the property is lying in flood or earthquake prone areas, one can easily determine if they want to buy the property, without setting a foot on the property itself! With Bigbenta Prime, we aim to help Filipinos in buying PRIME property hassle- free. Go visit the Prime website to see some of the current properties for sale!

Properties in Bigbenta Prime: Ridgewood Towers, Monte Carlo Residences, The Enclave Townhouse, Town and Country- Clarissa, Town and Country- Arianna, Town and Country- Erica, House and Lot in Maria Luisa Estate Park, 3 Story House and Lot in Cittadella Subdivision, Crosswind Resorts Suite, and House and Lot located in BF Thai Village

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