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Shoes and Footwear

   What are you supposed to feel when you wear shoes? You should feel comfortable, smart and confident when you wear shoes but should you feel more? Above all, you should feel good when you wear shoes. But, should aren’t just about the interior design but is also about the design that other people will see if you go outdoors. Whether they may be sneakers, formal leather shoes or heels, flip flops or rubber shoes, a lot is to take under consideration before purchasing the shoe. You had the liberty to pick shoes that you fancy, try it on and walk around with it before you decide to buy it. So, when you walk around your neighborhood, office and home, you should always wear them with confidence in each step.

    • Heels: Pumps, sandals, platforms, peep toes, closed, and boots are the types of heels you can choose from.
    • Boots: Choose from different types of booths; can be classic, heeled, cowboy, lace-up, ankle, and rain boots.
    • Sneakers: The types of sneakers are high cut and low cut.
    • Wedges: Wedges have many kinds these are peep toes, sandals, closed, and slips.
    • Flats: Choose from ballet shoes, loafers, slips-on, espadrilles, brogues & lace-up for flats.
    • Features: Looking for shoes to be worn on special events? Different types are available provided by lots of brands. There are Flats, Sneakers, Boots, and Formal shoes that you can choose from. Also, they are made from high quality materials such as Canvas, Leather, Rubber, Mesh, and Cushion.
    • Uses: This footwear is perfect for everyday use, for casual walks, ideal as office shoes and for exclusive events, and great for sports and fitness. You should be able to walk with the right shoe.
    • Brands: Brands such as US Team, Vertigo, Grosby, EasySoft, Sperry, Brogue and Derby Dan, Vertigo, Asics, and Nike offer some of the best footwear in the country.
    • a. Sneakers
    • b. Flat Shoes
    • c. Formal Shoes
    • d. Boots
    • e. Sandals
    • f. Flip Flops
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