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Toys and Hobbies

   It’s a well-known fact that the brain of young children absorb memories, experiences, and learning the fastest. This explains why some of the most memorable experiences that a person has are those that happened in his childhood, whether it’s a positive experience or not. But of course, one way to ensure that your kids foster their creativity and logical thinking at such a young age, is to buy them a toy! Toys have been used for thousands of years already, and originally started off as simple inanimate figures, resembling dolls, that babies and toddlers would play with. Over the years though, during the time of the great empires like Rome, newer technologies like wood crafting and even the wheel, helped pave the way for kids to have better playthings, such as tops, and even mechanical puzzles!

   Today, toys are getting cheaper and safer to use. Kids today are well blessed to have a huge variety of toys that they can play with, from the small yet still popular Legos, all the way to the battery-powered kids car that are modeled after various full-size cars. With the wide variety of toys being sold today, it would be an almost impossible feat for your kids to get bored!

   Toy Car - A modern day interpretation of the horse with wheels! As people hardly ride horses now, Toy Cars are kids’ versions of the most widely used mode of transport today, the automobile! As it goes at a moderate pace and is easy to maneuver, parents use this cool toy as a way for their kids to experience how it feels being behind the wheel, without the confusing electronics and car part wear of course. There is an option of toy bike and toy scooter for the kids who want to practice balancing on two wheels as well. Tinier Die-cast models (Tomica and Hotwheels) and RC Models are also available for the serious collectors/hobbyists.

   Work Toy Sets - Every kid has their dream job. Some want to be police officers, others pilots, soldiers, fire men, nurses, CEOs, and more! Give your kid the extra drive they need as motivation to stay true to their dreams buy buying them a work toy set! These work toy sets, though not as colorful and simple as real life ones, allow kids to experience how it feels like to use a cash register, grill, vacuum, tools, and more, while still being child-friendly and easy to use! Aside from being a great toy for your kids, work toy sets allow you to bond closer with your child, by explaining to them what each of the tools and equipment present are for.

   Action Figures - A toy that every guy has probably played with before! A staple of a boy’s playthings, action figures allow boys to let their imaginations soar! Though earlier action figures, often modeled after famous DC and Marvel Characters, are purely inanimate and the enjoyment of the toy depended on how vivid the user’s imagination is, some action figures today have buttons and switches that when activated, enhance a kid’s imagination to a whole different level. So what are you waiting for? Tie a cape around your kids back, give him a Superman action figure, and let the fun times roll!

   Dolls - Action Figure for girls! Naturally, little girls aren’t really interested in wanting to fly or run around carrying Superman, so give them a doll! These dolls often come with different accessories and clothes present, which can easily be swapped and exchanged for the ultimate fashion style. Though Barbie Dolls are the most well-known example of dolls, dolls made after animals, such as Peppa Pig and My Little Pony, are also a popular option for girls!

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