3W Clinic Snail Moist Control Set

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Dimension: 6.00 cm x 20.00 cm x 20.00 cm

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·         The 3W Clinic Snail Moist Control kit offer extra moisture to dry and dull skin, making it feels soft, bright and healthy.

·         Improves the texture of your skin with a daily anti-wrinkle range for all skin types.

·         Snail extract energy and life to give away as a function of skin aging, natural moisturizing ingredient, betaine is to form a skin barrier to sustained moisture and gives flexibility.

How to use:

·         Cleanse your face using your daily cleansing products.

·         After cleansing, apply 3W Clinic Excellent Whitening Toner using cotton. Apply evenly then pat your skin for better absorption.

·         Next, apply 3W Clinic Excellent Whitening Emulsion. Apply evenly then massage. Let it dry as well.

·         Lastly, apply the 3W Clinic Excellent Whitening cream. Massage for better absorption.

Best time to use: Night, before bedtime.

Specifications of Korean Cosmetics 3W Clinic Snail Moist Control Set