Air Spencer Car Freshener (Squash) Long lasting fragrance | Made of ceramic absorbent powder | No Leak

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Dimension: 9.14 cm x 9.13 cm x 3.40 cm

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The Air Spencer AS Squash air freshener is a compact cartridge can equipped with the enticing scent of squash. Its circular shape makes it perfect to place in your car’s cup holder. Now, how to explain squash without experiencing is not very easy, the scent is like a combination of sweet candy-like, bubble gum and lime soda all mixed into one. Try it and you will be sure to love it! Made by Japan.

How to use:

  • Open the cartridge either from both/one side
  • Place the Eikosha Air Spencer anywhere of your choice inside your car
  • Caution: Do not put Eikosha Air Spencer on driving seat for safety issue