Mineral Beauty Soap

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A unique blend of full spectrum of essential minerals, vitamins and other natural and safe active ingredients that are vital to the nourishment of the skin to keep it clean, protected, fresh and healthy appearance.
* Anti-Wrinkle & Anti-Ageing - beacause it has Vitamin C, an ingredient best known for its anti-wrinkle and younger -looking effect.
* Helps Prevent Dry Skin - Because its has vitamin EAcetate - that helps the skin maintain optimum moisture level and protect it from the harmful effects of UV radiation.
* Helps Whiten Skin - it has Songyl Mushroom Extract, best known for its whitening properties.
* Smoother & Health Skin - because it has wide spectrum of natural ionic minerals and other trace minerals that are needed to nourish the skin and help maintain its glow and healthy function - cleansing the pores, preventing skin allergies and diseases, removing blemishes and acne spots, and further moisturizing the skin.