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Lily's Touch Blooming Astringent 50ml

- Removes excess oil and dirt.
- Minimizes pores and prevents pimples, acne, and other blemishes.
- Must be used only at night.

➡️Wash your face thoroughly with Miracle Soap, patting dry. Make sure that you rinse away all soap residues before applying Blooming Astringent.

➡️Apply a small amount of Blooming Astringent to a cotton makeup pad and apply to your skin using a dubbing motion (do not rub). Begin a small amount of Blooming Astringent adding more as necessary.

➡️Cover your entire face with Blooming Astringent. Use once a day (every night) to keep your skin clear and healthy.

➡️Apply Miracle Cream after using Blooming Astringent.

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