A fire prevention solution ideal for your car, home, and business

Minimum Order: 1

Available Stocks: 10

Weight: 2.20 kg/s

Dimension: 11.43 cm x 11.43 cm x 32.51 cm

₱ 2,820.00

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Standard Delivery: No

Delivery Period: 3-5 days within Metro Manila and 5-7 days outside Metro Manila

(Note: Delivery period is dependent on Product Delivery)

Cash on Delivery Available

Ideal for all classes of fire:

A - Ordinary Combustibles

B - Flammable Liquid

C - Electrical Fires (Non-conductor of electricity)

NO EXPIRY. No need for yearly refill.


Non-residual. Not messy to use.

Multi-shot. Can be used for several times.

Stop combustion chemically and directly without powder, foam or water.

Guaranteed against mechanical or inherent defects for five (5) years.

Contain XL-13, a natural retardant that prevents re-ignition or flashback.