Cherry Plums (6 Kgs)

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Cherry Plums (6 Kgs)

Cherry plums are a small variety, approximately the diameter of a quarter, and are nearly perfectly round with a slight
groove near the fruit's stem end. The skin is paper thin and flushed with cherry tones and peach speckles and hues. The
interior is golden amber and dotted with pinkish burgundy hues near the skin, and a small central pit that clings gently to
the flesh. Its soft texture has a juicy consistency with bold and bright flavors. At first bite, the Cherry plum is sweet and
spicy and then it finishes with a perfect kiss of tart to balance the sub acid sweetness. 

Cherry plums, botanical name Prunus cerasifera, are a stone fruit and member of the Rosaceae family. There are dozens
of Cherry plum cultivars chosen for their fruit whereas many Cherry plum trees are often grown for ornamental purposes.
Such varieties are selected for their bold purple foliage and fragrant and attractive spring blossoms. All Cherry plum trees
produce edible fruit, though they are classified as a cooking cultivar. The most common commercial varieties of Cherry
plums are Thundercloud and Newport.