FASTA Diesel Concrete Cutter (FCS28) concrete saw designed for high performance, durability and strength , could be easily operated on cutting concrete as asphalt floor of the road

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Available Stocks: 5

Weight: 130.00 kg/s

Dimension: 140.00 cm x 70.00 cm x 115.00 cm

₱ 75,900.00

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FASTA Diesel Concrete Cutter (FCS28)

Minimizing vibrators enhances the performance of the and extends the life of the saw.


Engine:Electric Motor 380V/60hz 11kw
Maximum Cutting Depth : 260mm
Depth Adjustment: Handle Rotation
Driving Method: Manual Push
Disc Diameter:700mm
Water Tank Capacity :40L

  • Heavy Duty Use
  • High Performance
  • Durability and strength
  • Easily operated

1 Year Warranty.