Fresh Thailand Longan Fruit (One Gold)

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Fresh Thailand Longan Fruit (One Gold)

Longan is the fruit produce of the Lamyai tree, and is mainly grown in the North of Thailand, in the regions of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Chiang Dao. Longan requires a somewhat cooler climate than most other fruits found in Thailand, and these mountainous areas are always much cooler than the South.

The dark outer skin is almost crispy, and is easy to remove by pushing a thumbnail through and simply peeling it off. The inner flesh of the Longan is white, almost translucent, and very soft. The taste of Longan is very similar to the taste of a lychee, in fact, both fruits are comparable in almost every way, although a fully ripe Longan is somewhat sweeter than a lychee.

Longan is mostly eaten fresh, with nothing added, usually bought by the kilo and consumed in a single sitting with the Fruit being served at room temperature.

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