Frosty whip (200g)

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Frosty whip (200g)

Frost Whip is a delicious non-dairy Analogue Cream Base for whipping just like dairy whipped cream and used for cake decoration, cream cakes, éclair  filling, frozen parfaits, semifreddos, profiteroles, chocolate mousse.

A dry base with a long shelf-life (18 months in powder form), which is converted to liquid analogue cream by simply mixing it with water.
The powder is stored at 25°C – no refrigeration required.
Once mixed with water, it is kept in the fridge like normal cream but with a much longer fridge shelf life.
Frosty Whip will whip as fast and as easy as fresh cream.
Frosty Whip is both fridge-and-freezer stable.
75% less fat.
Contains no preservatives.
Also gluten free and complies with Halal requirements.
Yield: 1 kg if mixed into 2 kgs of water will yield 3 kgs or expands up to 4 to 5 times by volume when whipped.
Shelf life: 1 year in dry, powder form.