5.8 cu. ft Single Door Direct Cool - Stainless Look, Durable Wire Shelves, Durable Refrigerator Top (DURATOP), Big Freezer, Flexible Storage, Clean back Design, 79 watts input power. Available in Metro Manila only.

Minimum Order: 1

Available Stocks: 5

Weight: 47.00 kg/s

Dimension: 64.00 cm x 54.00 cm x 108.00 cm

₱ 10,841.00

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Standard Delivery: No

Cash on Delivery not Available

 5.8 cu.ft Refrigerator
Single Door Direct Cool Refrigerator
Stainless Look Door
Durable Wire Shelves
Durable Refrigerator Top (DURATOP)
Big Freezer
Flexible Storage
4-Zone cooling technology- Freezes Quickly & Effectively
Energy Efficient (high EEF)
Anti-Bacterial Coating
Clean back Design
79 watts input power

1 year warranty to all appliances
5 years warranty to compressor

Products are available in Metro Manila only.
Free Delivery within Metro Manila.