Golden Melon (11Kg)

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Golden Melon (11Kg)

The Golden honeydew melon has a similar shape and texture to the common honeydew. Its most obvious difference is its bright golden-hued skin. When ripe its skin is firm, thin and smooth. Its flesh is succulent, velvety and sweet. A faint aroma and a slight opening at its blossom end will also indicate ideal ripeness. An overripe melon is soft to the touch and it will develop a bitter flavor in its flesh. Like other honeydew melons, the Golden honeydew is relatively large, weighing an average of 4 to 8 pounds. 

The Golden honeydew's parent variety, common honeydew melon, was primarily cultivated in southern France and Algeria as early as the late fifteenth century. All honeydew plants thrive in a hot dry climate. Wet off-season planting will produce low yields, smaller fruits and less resistance to disease and pests.