Green Stevia

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Green Stevia

Reasons why we should use Green Stevia compared to Artificial Sweetener:
- One sachet (1 gram) of GREEN STEVIA is equivalent to three teaspoon of sugar.

- Green Stevia has no Aspartame, Methanol, and Formaldehyde that has a bad effect in our body.

- Natural sugar substitute that is NATURALLY SWEET and DEFINITELY HEALTHY!

- Green Stevia is a purified powdered extract from Stevia rebaudiana bertoni plant. Due to
the sweet properties of the leaves, it is now used worldwide as an alternative to sugar.

- Green Stevia has a glycemic index of zero, has no effect on blood sugar levels. Ideal for
patients with diabetes.

- With Green Stevia you can have the pleasure of sweetness that has Zero effect on blood
sugar levels making it an ideal sugar substitute for diabetic and weight conscious

- Ideal for sweetening your coffee and other juice drinks. Can also be use for baking and

- Green Stevia has Zero Calories, Zero Chemicals and Zero Worries.