Green Vermicast with My corrhiza

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Dimension: 25.00 cm x 7.00 cm x 30.00 cm

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Green Vermicast with My corrhiza

 100% Vermicast Natural Fertilizer

 Manufactured by millions of Earthworms using VERMI-LOG FOOD Technology

 Perfect for Fruits and Vegetables, Fruit Bearing Trees, Coconut, Indoor/Outdoor Plants, Organic & Combination farms,

Landscaping & Gardens

We are able to propagate millions of worms that can produce fairly stable and consistent quality of organic fertilizer. This has never been done before

and it is made possible by another of Mr. Catan’s patented invention, the ”Vermilog”. The vermilog is a method of preparing the worms’ food by

grinding, mixing and extruding at certain moisture content, organic wastes (from garbage and industrial solid wastes), leaf vegetables, and other

biomass in predetermined proportions.