325ml. spray can, A non-yellowing, easily removable final resin-based varnish for both oil and acrylic paintings. Transparent and crystal clear.

Minimum Order: 1

Available Stocks: 50

Weight: 0.70 kg/s

Dimension: 9.00 cm x 9.00 cm x 20.00 cm

₱ 1,001.00

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325ml. Spray Can Varnish Gloss
A final varnish and protective coating for dry oil and acrylic paintings available in gloss or matte. Protects oil and acrylic paintings from dirt, moisture and scuffing. Non-yellowing, flexible, and quick-drying. It is crystal clear when applied.Can be easily removed with Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine, Grumtine™, or Odorless Paint Thinner.