Vacuum Handling Tool, easily handles ESD (Electro Static Device) safely.

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Dimension: 7.50 cm x 3.50 cm x 2.00 cm

₱ 576.00

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• Handling Pen Tool, selection of four probes with vacuum cups included. Includes, one 1/4 inch cup, a 3/8 inch cup and two 1/8 inch cups.
• Easily handles up to 3-ounce objects.
• Safe Vacuum Pen is perfect for surface mount chips, ICS, transistors, and small semiconductors.
• Totally self-contained vacuum.
• No batteries to replace.
• Tips and headers change easily and can even be connected directly to the tool.
• Size: 7.5 cm in length (without the tip) 9.5cm if with the tip