Hot melt kettle for road making machine.

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Weight: 1100.00 kg/s

Dimension: 180.00 cm x 183.00 cm x 163.00 cm

₱ 548,900.00

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Hot melt kettle

Engine: 15HP water cooled diesel engine with electric starting.

Hydraulic driving method: diesel engine drive the stirring shaft to operate through gear pump, multi path hydraulic control valve, overflow valve and hydraulic motor.

Hydraulic oil tank: 70L.

Heating system: liquefied petroleum gas tank supply gas to energy-efficient burner, 50kg gas tank is recommended. Heating temperature is adjustable, it can range from 0-300 degree centigrade

Melting cylinder: it has enough intensity and durability which make it good in effective heat transfer. It can accommodate 1200 kg hot melt paint (about 48bags).

Thermometer: it adopt heat transfer oil as medium which make it heat-resisting, shock-resistant and more accurate.

Operation method: the stirring shaft inside each cylinder can turn clockwise and anticlockwise, which controlled by manual multi path control valve.

Outline shape: it is made of double layer stainless steel plate with the advantages of high intensity, high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance.

Safety device: multi-way control valve has special protection device to prevent the equipment from damage caused by incorrect or rough operation.

Size and weight:1800 (L) ×1830 (W)×1630 (H) mm 7.2CBM 1100kg

For Heavy Duty use.

Easy to control.