LG 720W Hi Fi System (CJ45)

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Dimension: 33.70 cm x 45.40 cm x 31.20 cm

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LG 720W Hi Fi System (CJ45)

General Sales region     EU
Entity     FS/ES
Target MP     17.3
System Model Name     CJ45-DB
System Model Name - Main Set     CJ45
System Model Name - Speaker Total     CJS45
System Model Name - Front Speaker     CJS45F
System Model Name - Subwoofer     CJS45W
Amplifier Power Output – Front     240W X 2
Power Output – Sub Woofer     240W
Function Selector - CD/DVD     Yes/No
Function Selector - Tuner     Yes
Function Selector - AUX1     Yes
Function Selector - USB1     Yes
Function Selector - USB2     Yes
Function Selector - Portable In     Yes
Function Selector - Bluetooth     Yes
Interface Audio In - USB 1     Yes (Front)
Audio In - USB 2     Yes (Front)
Audio In - Portable In     Yes (Front)
Audio In - AUX IN 1/2 (L/R)     1 (Rear)
Disk Door Lock Key     Yes
Speaker Out - Front L/R     1/1
Speaker Out - Sub Woofer (Passive/Active)     1/No
Speaker Out - 4pin System Jack S/W L     Yes
Radio Antenna - FM     Yes
Karaoke Function - Mic Jack     1EA (F6.3)
Karaoke Function - Echo (on RCU)     Yes
Display Display - Type     CM4740 Common Use
Display - Demo     Yes
Display - Dimmer     Yes
Sound EQ - Cluster1 EQ     Yes
EQ - Standard     Yes
EQ - Pop     Yes
EQ - Classic     Yes
EQ - Rock     Yes
EQ - Jazz     Yes
EQ - Bass Blast     Yes
EQ - Football     Yes
Local EQ - Dangdut     Yes
Local EQ - Arabic     Yes
Local EQ - Afro Hip-hop     Yes
Local EQ - India     Yes
Local EQ - Regueton     Yes
Local EQ - Merengue     Yes
Local EQ - Salsa     Yes
Local EQ - Samba     Yes
Local EQ - Axe     Yes
Local EQ - Forro     Yes
Local EQ - Funk     Yes
Local EQ - Sertanejo     Yes
Juke box     Yes
DJ Effect     Yes
Multi Jukebox     Yes
Auto DJ     Yes
Power Power Requirement - Narrow (50/60Hz)     110V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption     80W
Power Consumption at stand by     0.5W?
Audio Control 2Ch Stereo(By-Pass)     Yes
Mute     Yes
Tuner Type     PLL
Band     FM
Tuning Range - FM (50kHz / 100kHz)     87.5 ~ 108.0 MHz
RDS(PS, PTY, CT, RT)     Yes
Station Preset     Ran.50
Memory / Erase     Yes/Yes
Clock/Alram/Sleep/Set     Yes/Yes/Yes/Yes
Playable Disc, File type / Convenience Loading Type     1-CD Tray
Playable DISC Format - Audio CD     Yes
Playable DISC Format - MP3/WMA CD     Yes/Yes
Playable DISC Format - CD-R/CD-RW     Yes/Yes
Playable File Format - MP3     Yes
Playable File Format - WMA     Yes
Convenience - Repeat 1/All     Yes/Yes
Convenience - Program Play(track)     Yes (60)
Convenience - Random Play     Yes
Convenience - Skip - Fwd/Rev     Yes
Convenience - Scan - Fwd/Rev     Yes
Convenience - USB direct recording     Yes
Convenience - Dual USB (USB1 to USB2 recording)     Yes
Convenience - MP3P battery charging by USB / micro USB     Yes/No
Convenience - Bluetooth     Yes
Convenience - Bluetooth Remote App     Yes
Convenience - MP3/WMA ID3 Tag Display     Yes
Convenience - File/Folder search with music playing (EZ File Search)     Yes
Convenience - File delete     Yes
Convenience - BluetoothAuto Function Change     Yes
Convenience - TV Sound Sync.     Yes
Convenience - Bluetooth Power on (Stand by)     Yes
Convenience - Fota     Yes
Convenience - Bluetooth Multi Paring     Yes
Convenience - Auto Music Play (Move&Play)     Yes
Convenience - Wireless Party Link     Yes
Karaoke Echo Mode     Yes
Voice canceller     Yes
Key changer     Yes
Remote Commander & Accessory Remote Control Unit - Unit     Yes
Remote Control Unit - Model name     MA2
Remote Control Unit - Battery     AAAx2
Instruction Manual - Book     Option by Region
Instruction Manual - Simple     Option by Region
Warranty Card     Yes
FM Antenna     FM 75? ANT
Carton Box Type (Tip on / Offset / Flexo)     Flexo
Speaker Cable     Fixed Type
Speaker SPEAKER Sytem Model Name     CJS45
Spreaker - SPL     83dB
Spreaker - System     2Way 2Speaker
Spreaker - Tweeter Unit     1.57"
Speaker - Woofer Unit     6.5"
Spreaker - Impedance     3?
Spreaker - Magnetic Shielding     No Shield
Sub Woofer - System     1Way 1Speaker
Sub Woofer - Woofer Unit     7"
Sub Woofer - Impedance     3?

1 Years Local Warranty