LG Side by Side Inverter Linear (GR-M247CSBW)

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Weight: 139.00 kg/s

Dimension: 73.80 cm x 91.20 cm x 179.00 cm

₱ 76,836.00

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LG Side by Side Inverter Linear (GR-M247CSBW)

This LG Refrigerator comes with the following features.


Newly Upgraded Door-in-Door: The Door-in-Door™ feature allows you to access beverages and snacks more easily. Thanks to the advanced Slim Frame of Door-in-Door™, there's 9% more interior space and the extra shelves give you yet another way to keep your refrigerator organized while losing up to 46.5% less cold air.*

Moist Balance Crisper: Excess moisture from food evaporates and then condenses on the lattice instead of puddling around your food, thus maintaining the right balance of moisture in the box.

Fresh Balancer: LG's unique FRESH Balancer™ keeps humidity levels optimized by sealing the vegetable box, which can keep vegetables and fruits for fresh longer. 99.9999% Bacteria-free Inside with Hygiene Fresh+: LG’s Hygiene Fresh+™ technology uses a 5-stage filter to
eliminate most food spoiling agents, such as dust, fungi spores, acidic and alkaline odors, and bacteria. The system removes up to 99.999% of air borne food contaminants and purifies the air inside the refrigerator to keep produce and perishables fresher longer.

ENERGY SAVINGS with Inverter Linear Compressor: LG's unique Inverter Linear Compressor uses a linear piston drive instead of a conventional reciprocating drive. This generates less internal friction, resulting in up to 32% lower energy consumption. LG’s Inverter Linear Compressor is also backed by a 10-year warranty.