Longrich APLUS Energy Shoes

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Weight: 1.10 kg/s

Dimension: 18.00 cm x 15.00 cm x 12.00 cm

₱ 43,277.00

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Longrich APLUS Energy Shoes


Recharge, Reboost, and Revitalize your life before it runs out of battery and avoid being switched off automatically.


-Irregular Menstration
-Hormonal Imabalance
-Ovarian Problem
-Breast Problem
-Heart Diseases
-Stroke Wheelchair bound

How it can help?

-Stimulate blood circulation and all internal organs to a natural healing.
-Balance and align all the angle of the bone to cure joint problems.
-Increase natural healing, energy supply and will maintain body balance.
-Burn Fats

 ITALIAN CRAFTSMANSHIP HANDMADE, every pair of shoes is a Work of Art!