Lychees (4KG/5KG/9KG)

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Lychees (4KG/5KG/9KG)

You can pick 4KG, 5KG or 9KG.

This delicious fruit belongs to the Sapindaceae family and is named Litchi chinensis scientifically. It is the fruit of the summer and is grown in tropical climates. It is usually round or oval and grows in clusters on evergreen trees. Lychee looks quite similar to rambutan fruits’, the outer layer is made of roughly textured rind which comes off easily to reveal delicious white flesh underneath with a seed in its middle.

Lychee is a delicious and immensely healthy fruit with a nutrient dense composition. Although a seasonal fruit, eating it in abundance can set you up for the year. Lychees are known for their flowery and sweet flavor with a jelly-like texture.

It has plenty of health benefits and is known for its water content. Lychee can be dried down as well as turned into fresh delicious juice. The nutritional value is quite high in case of lychees, with a combination of potassium and vitamins as well as antioxidants adding lychee to your diet will definitely provide many benefits.

Sold in 9KG Box.