Mapecon F3 plus termite powder , 50 GMS

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Mapecon F3 plus termite powder , 50 GMS

Product details 

 Termite and Ant Control

 Intended for household, commercial, and industrial operations

 Keep out of reach of children

 Botanical

 Highly Effective

 Activated Carbon Added

F3 Plus is a new generation Termite and Ant Bait that is safe and effective. Granules consist of : termite & ant killer, termite growth regulator and fungal termite eater, to wipe out the entire colony.

MAPECON patented bio-activated carbon is the PLUS that removes phenomones to prevent outdoor termites and ants from coming inside. Active Ingredients: Special Termite & Ant Bait with Activated Carbon, Termite & Ant Pheromone/ Termite Odor Attractant, BIG-R (Botanical Insect Growth Regulator), Botanical Synergist, PH Patent 16556, Pyrethrum-like stabilizers & Polymerizer, Adjuvant & Surfactant , emulsifier, water solvent.

Net Contents: 50 gms.