Mapecon Noro Pellets ( For Cockroaches )

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Mapecon Noro Pellets ( For Cockroaches )

Cockroach Control

 Intended for household, commercial, and industrial operations

 It is also recommended for use in food establishments and processing plants that function and operates 24 hours a day

    Botanical, Highly Effective Active Ingredients: Organic Roach Bait (Shrimp, Bread Crumbs, Roasted Coconut , Peanut Butter)     MAPECON special

    roach attractant, BIG-R (Botanical Insect Growth Regulator Per Patent 16556 & Pat. Pending) NORO continuously kills     cockroaches for as long as 12

    weeks. Easy to apply, odorless, safe and economical. Net Contents: 50 gms