Stainless Steel 2600 mAh powerbank with strong LED flashlights & SOS lamp.

Minimum Order: 1

Available Stocks: 10

Weight: 0.50 kg/s

Dimension: 8.50 cm x 3.00 cm x 3.00 cm

₱ 1,428.00

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A quick inspection of the PF100 reveals that it’s actually divided in three segments. The top part houses the PF100’s LED light and the On/Off switch which can be detached from the base if not needed to minimize the weight of the device.

The mid-section houses the PF100’s 2600mAh battery that looks very similar to the rechargeable batteries typically being used on vapes, albeit slightly taller. Meanwhile, the bottom portion holds the battery compartment in place, as well as the two USB ports (1x full-size and 1x Micro-USB) for charging the device and for charging other devices.