In today’s society, our health is inevitably affected by the rapid rise in industrial growth, faster pace of life, diet, stress and environmental pollution. As we age, we are at risk of developing various chronic illnesses and lifestyle diseases.

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PURTIER Placenta

The capsule is a breakthrough of current technology limitation, containing 10,000mg of Deer Placenta, and is made up of a 50:1 high concentration ratio. Furthermore, with the addition of Dendrobium in the latest edition, every capsule now contains 10 precious nutrients required by the body, greatly enhancing the efficacy of PURTIER Placenta, making it a unique and precious health supplement! Staying true to its purpose and continually improving its formula, PURTIER Placenta provides the ultimate care for your health and reverses the passage of time.

PURTIER Placenta is formulated using carefully chosen fresh Deer Placenta which is rich in nutrients and active live cells. New Zealand is specially selected as the origin production country of PURTIER Placenta as it is widely known to be one of the least polluted places on earth. According to scientists, one of the most important functions of the unique components of fresh Deer Placenta is to strengthen the body immune system.

Strong immune system plays a crucial role in promoting longevity, and enable every cells, organs and body to remain in their optimal health condition.

Deer Placenta is specially chosen as the main active ingredient for PURTIER Placenta because of its bio-compatibility with human, together with the other 9 precious natural ingredients.

                LIVE-CELL THERAPY

Live-Cell Therapy is the only process in the world that is proven to be safe and effective in reversing the aging process, regaining your health, and achieving energy and vitality. Its amazing efficacy is evident from the rising number of people who use Live-Cell Therapy. Ever since Live-Cell Therapy was developed, its miraculous rejuvenation properties have helped numerous people to regain their youth and vitality. It has also become the trusted choice of the rich and famous to defy aging and attain perennial youthfulness.

Live-Cell Therapy doctors firmly believe that Live-Cell Therapy is just like an organ transplant, with the ability to make aging cells become younger.

After years of research and development, the technologies and formulas used for PURTIER Placenta have already reached perfection. The perfect union of ingredients and formulas provide users with total nutrition, while advanced and safe technology has brought stability to PURTIER Placenta, giving consumers confidence and peace of mind.

Every PURTIER Placenta capsule contains good health and the ability to reverse time, and is the fruit of high technology and meticulous research. We double our efforts to provide the best for your health, with the ultimate care that reverses time!


Advanced Freeze-Drying Technology can help to preserve live cells and maintain their bioactive for up to 3 to 4 years. PURTIER Placenta extracts only from fresh Deer Placenta, and uses the latest Freeze-Drying Technology to preserve the highest bioactive benefits.


The modern Emulsification Technology allows larger molecules to be fully absorbed during the chylomicron process.


PURTIER Placenta live cells and other nutrients will be oxidized and deteriorated when in contact with free radicals, oxygen, bacteria and UV rays during the conventional capsulation process. Nitrogen-filled technology is integrated to prevent the decomposition of living cells and other nutrients, as it ensures zero oxygen in the capsulation process. Therefore, PURTIER Placenta is a “living capsule” whereby the placenta cells are biologically active and providing the greatest effectiveness to the body.


PURTIER Placenta’s high quality enteric coating prevents the capsules from being destroyed by gastric acid and losing their nutrients during transportation to the small intestine, and ensuring that the capsules dissolve in the small intestine where absorption of nutrients is the highest, which boosts the absorption rate of effective ingredients up to 60-80%.