Air-conditioned Electric Tricycle (SEV-CV) a new style Cheap price cabin solar electric tricycle with enclosed cargo box.

Minimum Order: 1

Available Stocks: 5

Weight: 350.00 kg/s

Dimension: 250.00 cm x 120.00 cm x 170.00 cm

₱ 225,568.00

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Air-conditioned Electric Tricycle ( SEV-CV)

Basic Technical Parameter :

Dimension(Length x Weight x Height) : 2500 x 1200 x 1700 mm

Seat : 6

Equipment quality : 350kg

Maximum Load : 300kg

Shaft distance : 1800mm

Front Wheel Distance : 1210mm

Rear Wheel Distance : 1200mm

Minimum Space to Ground : 150mm

Minimum Turning radius :  2.7m

Brake Distance : <4.5m

Maximum Speed : 35km/h

Maximum Mileage : 80km

Charging Time : 4 to 6 hours

Maximum Noise : <75 dB

Climbing capacity : 20%

Electrical System :

Motor : 48V / 1000W DC motor

Battery : 4pcs 12V 120Ah(5h discharge rate) big capacity power rechargeable battery

Electrical control system : 24 Tubes Controller

Charger : Fully automatic high frequency switch-type charger

Light and alarm system : Big light, directional turning light, rear combination light, backward buzz, electrical loudspeaker.

Tricycle Body System :

Chasis for car base : High tensile steel tube welding structure , Treated with anti-rust

External Decoration : High tensile steel body + steel car body + golden car trunk surrounding plate

Suspension in front : Passenger car used spiral spring  + cylindrical liquid vibration reducer

Rear Bridge and suspension : Shaft input rear bridge with high low gear and steel plating spring

Brake System : Drum Brake with Mechanical hand break

Turning System : Directional Handle

Front Windshield Glass : Double layer safety glass

Top Roof : High tensile steel structure plus plate

Chair : High density polyurethane foam, external anti-wearing-waterproof leather surface

Floor of Platform : On bamboo Plywood, spread 1.5mm aluminum alloy flower

Rear view mirror : Hand-Controlled external rear mirror

type : Strengthened vacuum type with 375-12