Waterproof & Comfortable Material:Non-toxic PVC Peels a potato in 8 seconds No nicks & cuts

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Weight: 0.50 kg/s

Dimension: 30.00 cm x 13.00 cm x 4.90 cm

₱ 507.00

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Tater Mitts are the new kitchen gloves that combine comfort and innovation to bring you the ultimate potato peeling process. 8 seconds is all you need to peel one potato effortlessly without getting your hands wet, nicked or cut. Just simply rub any potato with a few quick strokes and you will have a perfectly peeled in an instant. Tater Mitts remove only the thinest layer of skin so there is no wasted potatoes.

Pick up a potato wearing Tater Mitts and rub it vigorously under cold running water to remove the skin. You can place a colander underneath for easy clean up. The special surface of the Tater Mitts allows you to peel the potato with minimum effort and maximum results.