Thermo paint machine is use to paint

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Weight: 135.00 kg/s

Dimension: 132.00 cm x 82.00 cm x 100.00 cm

₱ 219,560.00

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Thermo paint machine

Paint tank: double layer stainless steel,capacity of 100kg,equipped with inserted dis mountable automotive stirring device
Capacity of micro glass beads storing box: 10kg
Micro glass beads dispenser:dispensing automatically,with speed governing shift device
Marking hopper:made of high-precision ultra thin material, scraper structure,standard configuration:150mm
Grounded knife: made of hard alloy,the range of thickness of road line can be adjusted from 1mm to 2.5mm with eccentric locking collar
Rubber tire:aluminum alloy wheel hub,heat-resistance rubber,rear wheel equipped with localiser to make the machine walk along the straight line
Heating method: liquefied petroleum gas
Width of index line:50/80/100/120/150/180/200/230/250/300/400/450mm, you can choose different specification of marking hopper to fit for the situation of construction
Net weight: 135kg

For Heavy Duty use

Easy to control