Anti Varicose Cream, 50ml, Made from Russia

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Varikosette tool was made from natural and natural ingredients that work together to create a unique and valid formula of nutrients that can have positive effect on varicose veins. These basic components include:

Witch hazel extract: It prevents the appearance of puffiness and moves the throbbong pain in the lower extremities. It accelerates the healing of damaged blood vessels and helps to adjust the outflow of lymph fluid. Absorbable existing clots.

Corn and sunflower Oils: The oils contain a large amount of vitamin E, which is a must to maintain the health of the skin,its elasticity and firmness. In the end, strengthen and tone the vein walls, which further helps reduce the risk of recurrence of varicose veins.

Hood horse chestnut: It prevents brittleness and fragility of capillaries,removes vascular mesh, prevents thrombotic-education.

Menthol: It eliminates heaviness in limbs and pronounced swelling. It has a cooling and antispasmodic effects. It nourishes the cells with vitamins A and C, optionally also necessary flavonoids.

Hood leeves of ginkgo biloba: Momentarily and repeatedly increases the elasticity of blood channels prevents inflammation accelerates venous circulations

Urea and troxerutin: These components have many properties. They tone up the veins, relieve swelling, slow down the aging of cells,blocking inflammation.