27" Super Capacity Plus, single action agitator. Available in Metro Manila only.

Minimum Order: 1

Available Stocks: 5

Weight: 69.30 kg/s

Dimension: 68.60 cm x 69.80 cm x 109.20 cm

₱ 41,182.00

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  • 3.5 cu.ft Basket
  • 15kg/ 33lbs Dry Linen Capacity
  • White Color
  • New Sensing Technology (series of spins prior to load start checks to balance load)
  • Electronic Control showing cycle status
  • Push Start/Pause/Unlock Button
  • New Lid Lock with light control allowing for higher spin speeds (lid locked during Fill, Agitate, Drain and Spin)
  • Spray Rinse Feature fills out tub with water as it spins
  • 2 Spins Speeds, max. 700 RPM, better water extraction
  • Porcelain Spreckle finish Tub
  • Xtra Roll Action™ Plus Single Action Agitator 
  • Bleach Dispenser

8 Cycles:

  • Delicate (low spin, includes spray rinse)
  • Light Casual (all temperatures, low spin)
  • Regular Casual (all temperatures, low spin)
  • Light Normal (all temperatures, high spin, inc. spray rinse)
  • Regular Normal (all temperatures, high spin, inc. spray rinse)
  • Regular Heavy (all temperatures, high spin, spray rinses only)
  • Drain & Spin (high spin)
  • Rinse & Spin (cold rinse, high spin)
  • 2 Washing Temperatures (Cold, Hot) w/Cold Rinse
  • 3 Water Levels/Load Sizes (Small, Medium, Large)
  • Advanced Vibration Control


  • Net Dimensions (inches): H 43 x W 27 ½ x D 27 
  • Net Dimensios (cm): H 109.2 x W 69.8 x D 68.6
  • Voltage: 220-240 Volts / 60 Hertz

Products are available in Metro Manila only.
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